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Activities & Entertainment

We believe strongly in the importance of keeping minds and bodies as active as possible to assist a person's welfare and therefore provide a full range of stimulating activities and entertainment. We have dedicated activities coordinators who spend time with each resident individually to understand their interests and capabilities. The activities programme is then developed to ensure all residents have as much involvement as possible.

Elder Care

We have three members of staff who focus solely on activities for residents. We also bring in outside professionals to help enhance residents' well-being. We find out about the life histories, interests and abilities, and then create an individual activity plan to meet individual needs.

We have a comprehensive activities programme:

Three times a week we have physical activity, that can be done from a wheelchair/seat.

Once a week we have a service from a local Vicar.  

Twice a week we have a group of 3-4 year old's joining our residents, playing and singing together.

Two trips per month to such places as a tea room, bowling, local theatre or garden centre.

Twice a week we have a counsellor, who has individual sessions with those residents in need of enhancing their mental well-being.

Once a week volunteers come from a  local sixth form, to read and talk with our residents.

Visiting hairdresser, massage therapist and beautician.

Visiting singers, Bingo & quizzes, Arts & crafts

Cinema - showing films that our residents have chosen.

Every activity provides a range of benefits:

Reduces social isolation and increases social interaction

Uplifting effect on mood and wellbeing

Maintenance and improvement of mobility balance

Improved co-ordination

Opportunity for reminiscence/triggers memories




Sense of being part of a group

Cognitive benefits


Increasing confidence


Spiritual Fulfilment/ Comfort/Support

Sensory stimulation

Sense of achievement

Connecting with the environment