Children's Groups

Bridging gaps and reducing loneliness

OUR INTENTION: To bridge the gap between young and elderly. Reduce alienation and loneliness of our elderly population.  
Help normalize Nursing homes for our younger generations and help them have a positive perspective about it.  
Helps reduce confusion and disorientation for the residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Children’s Groups Twice A Week

Impact / Value Added:    Anecdotal Notes:

J.G. When she reads a story to the children, it's with such enthusiasm that the children do not make a sound while she reads. In that moment, she is reliving the stage in her life when she was a mother. This then helps her mood during the day.

M.D. she used to be a teacher, and she comes alive when the children come in. She likes to suggest Nursery Rhymes when we sing as one big group of residents and children, she loves “5 Little Ducks went swimming one day.”

L.M. said: “It makes my day when the children come into the home.”

One autistic child often has to go into medical environments due to his condition, he screamed when he first came into the home. However, on the fourth visit, he came in and walked straight into the activity room without any tears at all. He sat and painted one of our resident’s hands and the resident who has Parkinson’s also painted his hand.

The interaction between the children and residents has grown so much, the children are not reserved anymore and come straight in and play happily with our residents. We enjoy tea, milk and biscuits altogether, sing nursery rhymes and have one of our residents read a story. The children’s parents are all pleased with the groups, some of them said that the children no longer have grandparents, so they are pleased that they are mixing with an older generation. 

Conewood Manor Childrens Visits

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