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News Updates from Conewood Manor

Spring Menus

Please have a look at our Spring Menus for Conewood Manor. We have a Four Seasons menu plans at Conewood Manor. Please keep an eye out for our Summer menus starting on the 1st July. The feedback from the resident’s questionnaire was very positive for the food that we are providing.  Click Here

Activity Update

We have three exercise sessions per week to try to enhance/maintain the physical well being of our residents. We also have a nursery group visiting the home twice a week, which the children and residents adore. They play, sing, eat biscuits, and read together. This has become one of our highlights of the week.

We have Friendship Dogs which visit every week and visit every resident, even if they are in their room. They are grey hound dogs and are extremely gentle and soothing for the residents to spend time with.

We have lots of musical entertainers coming into the home. We also have a brand new white piano now for residents, visiting musicians and family members to play.  

We are having a Garden Party with live music to mark Dementia Action Week on May 21st, we are inviting our children’s nursery that the residents see twice a week, hence why it is midweek.

There are lots of wonderful activities being planned every day by our dedicated activity team.

Conewood Manor Care Champions

Several members of Conewood Manor staff have had extensive training in specialist areas and act as "champions" for the whole home, training and developing other members of staff in their respective areas, and supporting best practice. The champions are:

Rozalia - Dementia, Falls

Wendy - Health

Julia - Engagement

Iuliana - Nutrition

Ana-Gabriela - Wound

NCT Mum’s and Children’s Day

Two generations came together at Conewood Manor when National Childbirth Trust mums and their children visited residents. Read Article Here.

The Conewood Manor BBQ

We hosted a summer garden party for residents, their families and staff in August. The turnout was excellent and there was music, entertainers and a great selection of food. Nick Meyer was as usual running the barbeque. Thanks to everyone that turned out.

Here are some recent testimonials:

Many of our residents and families are kind enough to write to us to thank us for the care we have provided. Here is a selection of recent letters we have received.

“If I could just thank you and all your staff for looking after my mum and making her feel so welcome at her last stay with you, she came home full of lovely stories from her stay and how she had made many friends, I was worrying she wouldn't feel comfy with you as she is so used to being in the family home and environment but how wrong was I. LOL!”  DS

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I genuinely can’t thank you and your team enough for everything they have done and do for my nan, the level of care and the way she has been treated has been fantastic. I know nan can be difficult at times but the nurses and carers have displayed real empathy and caring and I appreciate it. Having someone you care about going through dementia is so hard but your team have really helped myself and my family.

I must also say that Charlotte has been outstanding, her genuine care and commitment to the people residing at Conewood really does show through, and she goes the extra mile. She is a great asset to you and again I can’t thank her enough for the care and time she has spent with my nan.”  SB

…................. () ………………..

“One often hears tales of care homes that are negative. Yours is a shining light of how such an organisation should be run.”  MS

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“I am sure you are very proud of your managers and team; a perfect example of how a home should be managed.”  MC

…................. () ………………..

“To you all, can’t think of a more comfortable home from home for your residents. You are all to be congratulated.“  IS


Care Homes In Hertfordshire

At Conewood Manor Nursing and Residential Care Home, we have held two events this week to mark Dementia Action Week. This is an important week to help gain more awareness for Dementia in our community. We have seen that for our residents with Dementia, they respond so well to music and visits from the children from Little Ladybirds at Northgate. It is like seeing a light switch going on for our residents with Dementia, when we host music and nursery visits at our home.

 This week we have made a visit to Little Ladybirds at Northgate setting with six of our residents. We enjoyed singing traditional nursery songs, reading stories and sitting in the sunshine eating cake and drinking tea. One of our residents was a nursery teacher, she said she loved watching the children play. Another resident used to be a governor at Northgate, so it was nice to see him back in one of his old work settings.

 The other event we hosted at Conewood Manor Home in Bishop’s Stortford, this was a garden party. We opened the invite to this garden party to anyone in Bishop’s Stortford who is touched by Dementia. During the party we hosted traditional games like pass the parcel, listened to traditional nursery rhymes and had a balloon modelist making balloons for the residents and children. It was magical to see the garden at Conewood Manor full of children and residents together, happily enjoying the morning.


Care Homes In Hertfordshire Care Homes In Hertfordshire

Making a difference for people living with Dementia at Conewood Manor (Dementia Action Week 20th – 24th May 2019)

Conewood manor’s trip this fortnight was to the Hub Cafe to a dancing event. We were all up having a ball and enjoyed the company of other elderly people in the local community.

Care Homes In Hertfordshire Care Homes In Hertfordshire